"Resources" is a section of Friends of EV that allows you to contribute by posting resources such as files, tutorials, or other article-like content along side the normal forum. The aim is to allow content related to electric vehicles such as files to be listed with a focus on the initial content rather than discussion surrounding it. Physical items with permanent quantities may also be listed here but please use the classifieds section to post vehicles/parts. Items which require purchasing, can be linked to an external purchasing website.

Items posted here will be subject to approval before they appear.

To post a resource:

  1. Please make sure it relates to electric vehicles.
  2. Go to the resource section HERE
  3. Click "Add Resource" green button.
  4. Chose a suitable category from the drop-down menu.
  5. Add a very brief title and tagline. Version field can be left blank for admin to select.
  6. Chose resource type:
  • Uploaded File: To upload a free file members can download.
  • External download URL: To provide your website address for free download.
  • External purchase: To provide your website address for purchase item/download. Include price and currency here.
  • Does not have a file or item: To place your "free to view" information in the description box below.
  7. Add a very descriptive description of your resource including what it is, file size/type, pictures if applicable ("Upload Images..." button is located at bottom of page and image is placed where cursor is currently located in description box)
  8. Provide at least one tag description.
  9. Provide additional information and support URL's.
10. Check "Upload resource icon" if you have a square type image that represents the specific item or your organization (your profile image will already be associated with the resource)
11. Option to preview, then save.
12. After saving, chose your resource icon to represent the resource.
13. Wait for administrator to approve resource, then view/edit/update your resource in "Resources" section using options provided.

Thank you for your contributions!