Classifieds: Rules and How-To

This is a FREE service for all members of Friends of EV

-When Creating a new thread, please use the appropriated "For sale", "Wanted" or other prefixes located in the title block.

-In the title beside prefix, please include the make, model, and year of a vehicle listed, or the name of an item (2017 Tesla, 3) only.

-Include important information in message of thread, such as description, pictures, and contact information (your "signature" is a good place to place contact details so they show up with each post automatically). Tip: Using thumbnail picture option provides a cleaner browsing experience.

-Links to other sites and services such as eBay are welcome, but you MUST provide adequate details and descriptions on Friends of EV.

-Friends of EV accepts NO liability for items bought and sold via this website, and all transactions must be confirmed and take place away from this website.

-Friends of EV is providing this service as a means to connect EV owners with items. We are not acting as a shop, trader or retailer and buyers must be aware of the risk of any form of distance buying or selling and take actions to protect themselves.

-Please do not SPAM the classifieds section.

Any questions, concerns, comments, please feel free to Contact Us

Thanks for using EV Classifieds!