Account Settings

Below is a list of the various account settings and what they mean to you:
(These can be accessed HERE or by hovering over or clicking on your username at top-right in main menu)

This is your small display picture for you profile. You can upload one, pick one, or be stuck with the default which uses two letters from your username. It is best to use a square image of at least 250 x 250 in size when uploading.

Custom Title:
If entered, your custom title will be displayed below your username beside each message you post in the forum. It will replace the Friends of EV default titles. If custom title field is left blank, your title gradually upgrades based on trophy points you have earned. The default title ladder is as follows: New Friend - 0-4 points, Friend - 5-24 points, Well-Known Friend - 25-44 points, Friend of EV - 45+ points. These titles are not available in custom title field. More on trophy points HERE

Date of Birth:
Entering you birthday will enable the option to have your birthday displayed on the sidebar on the day. You can chose whether or not to display this information for others to see when viewing your profile page.

Your location will be displayed with your username when posting in the forum. Entering a location will help the overall experience to better understand your fellow members and to see how the EV revolution is spreading.

This will only be displayed in Your Garage if chosen.

This will only be displayed in Your Garage if chosen.

Electric Vehicle:
Please fill this field as it will be displayed with your username throughout the forum beside each of your postings.

About You:
This will only be displayed in Your Garage if chosen.

Information entered here will be displayed at the bottom of each message you post in the forum. You can use your name, links, websites, etc.

Contact Details:
These include the email you are using to sign in with, and your identities. Identities such as Facebook, Twitter accounts will be displayed in Your Garage if chosen..

This section allows options for how you are viewed by other members on the site. As a default, only members who have signed up have access to view information entered by you. No one can see any other information about you that you have not personally entered.

Your preferences can be changed to improve your experience here at Friends of EV. Decide what will generate an email notification to you here. "Rich Text Editor" is the tool at the top of the message box which helps you format text, attachments, features, etc and is enabled for your convenience.

Alert Preferences:
Alerts appear in your "Alerts" menu tab at the top-right of the main menu at top of page. When you receive an alert, you will receive an email of the alert as well. Options here can change what triggers an alert.

External Accounts:
Setting up external accounts can make plugging-in (logging-in) easier. It is also helpful when sharing pages and posts with Twitter, Facebook, etc. Sharing will help the Friends of EV community grow so it is appreciated.

Follow the steps to change your personal password

Two-Step Verification:
Enabling this feature will cause you to go through an extra security step each time you log-in. Used for added security.

Delete Account:
An easy way to permanently delete your account. Hopefully you won't need this step. Please send feedback HERE

Tip: Be sure to save after making changes